• Reporting and business intelligence
    Reporting and business intelligence
    Finding accurate and reliable information is crucial in today's fast-paced and always changing business environment.

Multyfunctional ATM

Paying bills, cash payments, top-ups (prepaid, internet), student exams payments, money transfer from one to another account, and many more!

Dynamic Currency Conversion

Be informed about exact fee rates when it comes to international ATM transactions.

3D Secure

We offer our partners possiblity to protect their e-commerce clients (buyers and merchants)."

PIN Management

PIN change & unblocking - Efficient management of PIN code.

About us

Joint stock company Chip Card Belgrade was founded on 31 May 2004 on the initiative of the Association of Serbian Banks and the 12 business banks that have used the Processing Center services at the Association of Serbian Banks.

Banks using our services