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Careers in Chip Card

If you wish to work in a business environment which offers possibilities for professional development and improvement, you are at the right place.

We offer the Chip Card processing centre employees a competitive benefit package and a training program intended for practical and theoretical advancement.

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Build a career in a multinational company with a broad portfolio of services, which is concerned with the employees’ needs, respects differences, fosters team spirit, and encourages initiative and transparency.

Private health insurance

Days of leave for birthdays and other special family occasions

Sports and Team Building activities in nature

Internal and external instructions and training

Flexible working hours

Special bonus and award scheme

Promotion possibilities

Private health insurance

Days off for birthdays and special family occasions

Outdoor sports and team building activities

Internal and external instructions and training

Flexible working hours

Special bonus and award scheme

Promotion possibilities

What do Chip Card employees have to say?

Dragana Vasiljković

Risk Control, Compliance and Business Quality Manager

Which Chip Card service would you recommend to the service users and why?

Chip Card has been supporting the payment industry for over 17 years. All our services are high quality, stable and reliable. The availability of client support 24/7 is a priority at a time when more and more people can no longer function without a card or online payments. We offer a broad range of services which as a whole provide the best possible experience to our clients.

Milica Crvenković

Contact center and Risk monitoring

What has been the greatest professional challenge for you?

The greatest challenge was coming to work during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was not always possible to work from the firm, and we had to master the skill of remote work, but with the generous support and help of colleagues, that was not a problem.

Jovan Ružić


The training courses you attended, which contributed to your professional advancement?

What I found particularly interesting and important was the CISSP training (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) due to the application of strict security rules which must be adopted in order to successfully complete all the business tasks in the processing center.

Igor Skakavac

Risk Control and System Monitoring Department

How would you describe your experience working with colleagues?

My colleagues in Chip Card are one of the greatest pleasant surprises I have had. The amount of dedication, knowledge, collegiality and support is incomparable to any other company I am familiar with.

Irena Jevtić

Business Technology and Organization Manager

A project you participated in, which presented the greatest challenge for you?

Of the many projects realized by the department I work in, the most challenging for me was the introduction of the eCommerce system of payment card acceptance in one of the greatest supermarket chains in Serbia. This project required a synergy of teams from different countries, resulting in successful implementation, release for production in the defined timeframes, and client satisfaction.