New! Use eMoney – safe and simple payment method!

Electronic money (eMoney) is a substitute for cash that can be used for payment transactions, with or without a bank account, and plays a huge role in the digital currency revolution that has swept the world.
It is a cashless payment system that makes the transfer of money of any size quick and easy and provides users with lower fees and secure transactions.


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Kako se koristi elektronski novac

How is electronic money used?


Electronic money is loaded and stored in a digital wallet, i.e., an application thatallows you to manage your electronic money.

We offer clients and merchants the electronic money application E BLINK.

What does
E BLINK? enable you to do?


E BLINK offers users the possibility of cashless payment via mobile devices in all places that accept electronic money or use during online shopping, while it enables merchants to pay for goods and services quickly and easily.

It can be used to perform various financial transactions, including payments, money transfers, online shopping, account top-ups and other similar operations.

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dopuna e novca


The E BLINK application allows users to use electronic money on their user accounts within the application.

This money can be transferred from bank accounts, credit cards or other financial sources, and then used to perform various transactions with other users, in stores or online stores that accept eMoney as a payment method.