Notification on the Right to Objection of Payment Service Users

The User (legal entity, entrepreneur – with which Chip Card a.d. Belgrade, as an Electronic Money Institution has a concluded framework agreement) has the right to a written objection to the Institution in case it deems that the Institution does not observe the provisions of the Law on Payment Services, General Conditions of Operation or good business customs and obligations from the concluded framework agreement.

The User can file an objection to the work of the Institution in the written form within three (3) years from the date when the breach of its right or legal interest was committed, in particular:

  • in the business premises of the seat of the Institution, address: Chip Card a.d., Bose Milicevic 8, 11000 Belgrade;
  • by mail – to the address of the Institution;
  • by electronic mail to the email address:

If the User filed an objection upon the expiry of the noted deadline, the Institution has the obligation to immediately inform them that the objection was filed upon the expiry of the legally stipulated deadline, due to which the Institution does not have the obligation to review it.

If the User is not satisfied by the response of the Institution to the objection or the Institution does not respond to the objection within 15 days from the day of the reception of the objection, it may file a complaint to the National Bank of Serbia before the initiation of the court proceedings.

Together with the complaint addressed to the Institution, the User shall submit the response of the Institution and the documentation on grounds of which the allegations from the complaint may be valued. The User can file the complaint to the National Bank of Serbia within six (6) months from the day of the reception of the response or expiry of the deadline for the delivery of the response of the Institution to the objection of the User.

If the Institution and the User do not mutually solve potential disputes arising from the framework agreement, they may address the competent court for the purpose of the dispute resolution.

The objection must contain the data of the User from which their relation with the Institution can be unambiguously established, as well as the reasons for the submission of the objection.