Privacy and Cookie Policy

Chip Card a.d. Belgrade (hereinafter Chip Card), as a member of the Asseco/Payten Group, finds itself wherever technology and business combine with everyday life. Our experience allows us to provide reliable and advanced payment card processing services for our clients (banks and other legal entities) and payment services for e-commerce merchants.

We never lose sight of the human and social aspect of our work. Chip Card strives to meet the highest standards of management, communication, and transparency. Foundations of our business include complying with the applicable privacy and personal data protection laws and regulations. We particularly value respecting the privacy of users visiting websites.

Purpose of the Policy

The Policy applies to the website owned by Chip Card –

Chip Card declares that the webpages are operated with the utmost care, in compliance with the rules of technical knowledge and professionalism, as well as in accordance with the applicable legal regulations, especially those that protect the privacy of Internet website users.

Regulation No 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of the EU of April 27, 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, as well as repealing Directive 95/46/EC, Official Journal of the European Union L. 2016 No. 119/1 and Law on Personal Data Protection (“Službeni glasnik” of the Republic of Serbia, No. 87/2018).

Disclosure of personal data

We would like to inform you that all companies which belong to the Asseco/Payten group may have access to personal data and cookie files collected by accessing our site. In that case, we take all protective measures in accordance with regulatory requirements. You can see a list of companies operating within the Asseco/Payten Group by accessing the following link:

In the case when it is necessary for the proper functioning of the site or other purposes described in the Privacy Policy, the processing of personal data may be entrusted to other entities which are not part of the Asseco/Payten group. In that case, the sub-processor will be contractually obliged to implement all protection measures in accordance with the regulatory requirements.

Collection of data

In accordance with the established practice of most web services, we store HTTP requests on our server. This means that we record the IP addresses from which users view the informative content of our services. The resources viewed are identified by URLs. We also have insight into the following:

  • inquery arrival time
  • time of reply sending
  • client station name – identification implemented by the HTTP protocol
  • information about errors that occurred during the execution of HTTP transactions
  • the URL of the website previously visited by the user (referrer link) – if the Office system website was accessed via a link
  • user browser data

Chip Card can collect user data from the following sources:

  • Chip Card website including occasional campaigns
  • Social networks including, but not limited to, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram;
  • Various public events, sales meetings, client files;
  • Customer contact details contained in service sales contracts

User information that Chip Card may collect and process includes:

  • first and last name, address, e-mail address, telephone number
  • demographic data
  • photographs and opinions
  • work experience and education data, achievements, test results, and qualifications
  • transaction data, including products and services used, financial data, and payment methods used
  • company data such as company name, size, location, and your role in the company
  • survey data and publicly available information, such as posts from social networks
  • unique identifiers such as mobile device data or browser cookies, device type, operating system, applications, screen resolution, and preferred language
  • IP address and other information that may be determined by the IP address such as geographical location, content accessed by the user, with the location, exact date and time of access

Notwithstanding the foregoing, in certain cases user information other than that stated above will be collected, including personal information that will be necessary in order to provide the requested service or process. The user will be informed about the need to make certain personal data available, as well as about the purpose of using that data. The user will have the opportunity to make a voluntary decision on whether or not to provide their personal data.

Nevertheless, providing personal data may be required in a situation where the user is interested in obtaining information about the provision of the service or a specific event listed on Chip Card webpages (e.g. receiving information about a service or product, organization of a certain event, offer, downloading demo versions, initiating a recruitment or internship program). Therefore, the user may be asked to complete and send a form/questionnaire which will clearly indicate what kind of personal data will be collected and for what purposes.

The personal data provided will be processed in the period necessary to achieve the purpose, unless the law foresees otherwise.

In the situation when the user discloses personal data of a third party in a form/questionnaire, it is presumed that the user has the adequate consent of the person whose data they disclosed.

The user has the right to view and the right to correct and complete any incorrect or incomplete personal data which refer to them. In addition, the user has the right at any time to request that the processing of their personal data be discontinued and that the data be deleted. The form of submission of such a request is determined during the collection of such data.

Chip Card websites do not collect, track, or verify user age data or any other information that would enable Chip Card to determine whether the user (including the recipient and user from the e-mail list, survey participant via questionnaire, and persons participating in the contest) has legal capacity.

Persons who do not have full legal capacity may not make inquiries or subscribe to services provided by the website, unless their legal representatives give consent if such consent is sufficient in accordance with legal regulations.

Cookie files

The Chip Card website uses so-called cookies or other technologies that contain functions similar or equivalent to cookies, or information stored on the end device of users who visit the website. Websites automatically download and use cookies each time they connect to a user’s end device.

Websites use cookies for:

  • providing services
  • adapting the content of websites to the end user’s device, storing individual user settings and optimizing the use of webpages
  • improving security by controlling whether the process of using the webpages is violated
  • obtaining collective, anonymous statistics to improve the functionality of webpages
  • maintaining a user session (applies to websites with a user login option) so that the user does not have to re-enter their login details and password on each webpage
  • enabling the use of basic website functionalities (e.g. storing visited websites in order to restore them at the request of the user);
  • advertising and marketing by customizing the advertising content displayed on Chip Card websites and other websites according to user preferences.

NOTE: Cookies do not allow the identification of the user by any means, they do not process identity data, and do not make any changes to the configuration of the end device or software installed on the user’s device.

As part of Chip Card webpages, we use the following types of cookies:

  • session cookies (temporary) – stored on the user’s device only when the website is used, i.e. until the user logs out, closes the website or the browser;
  • permanent cookies – remain on the user’s device until the end of their life cycle (operating time set for the cookie) or until the user removes them.

Cookie settings are individual for each web browser. It is important to know that the default option is to allow cookies. However, each user can completely disable or restrict the reception of cookies on their device to some extent, which may affect the use of the website and result in most webpages to be missing or incorrectly displayed. In some cases, it is possible to set the browser to ask the user for permission to install cookies, which allows the user to control cookies, but may slow down the browser.

To easily manage cookies, select your preferred browser and follow the instructions:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Opera
  • Safari

Mobile phones:

  • Android 4+
  • IOS 5+
  • IE Mobile 11+

If you do not change cookie settings, they will be installed on your end device, so Chip Card will store information on the user’s end device and gain access to it.

Sharing websites

Chip Card web location may contain links to websites of other entities. Chip Card has no influence on the privacy policy of such entities and is not responsible for it.

PR and marketing

All information, including personal information provided by the user on the Chip Card website, may be used for marketing and PR purposes as part of various marketing campaigns conducted by companies or members of the Asseco/Payten group if the user has given their consent to such use in the period in which they participated in a number of different meetings organized by Chip Card or members of the Asseco/Payten group. The user’s consent is equivalent to accepting to receive commercial data. Personal information will not be processed automatically (including profiling).


Recruitment contests for new employees and trainees can be published on the Chip Card website. The personal data obtained in this way is used for the employment purposes only as part of current and future recruitment processes. By filling out the application form, the user agrees to participate in current and future recruitment processes conducted by Chip Card. Such consent applies to all documents submitted during the recruitment process.

Sharing information with clients or partners

The personal data provided through the Chip Card website can be used to develop and manage Chip Card’s business relationships with the user/client or partner. In particular, commercial, product, and marketing information or information on partner programs may be shared. Chip Card reserves the right to disclose such information to other related entities in order to provide the service, under the condition that such disclosure of information is allowed.

Data retention period

The data provided will be processed in the period necessary to achieve the purpose of data collection, unless the law provides otherwise, and the law may specify the minimum retention period for personal data.

Contact details of the Personal Data Protection Officer:

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Phone: +381 11 30 40 961

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