Payment card acceptance at a point of sale

Whether it is a sales stall in the farmers’ market, a tourist booth or any other point of sale type, Chip Card offers the service of payment card acceptance at your point of sale. The precondition is a physical POS terminal installed by the accepting bank, connected to the bank.

Prihvat platnih kartica na prodajnom mestu
Digitalizacija Pijaca – Bez keša po voće i povrće!

The Digitalization of Farmers’ Markets – Buying Fruit and Vegetables without Cash!

We support all the relevant payment card acceptance channels such as POS / mPOS, ATMs, eCommerce (3D secure), SoftPOS mobile phones. Acceptance network management, monitoring, ATM and POS system integration. Advanced electronic transactions in multifunctional terminals. Online money transfer, dynamic currency conversion and a whole array of services as support to your business.

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