Introduce eMoney – a new payment option that brings lower commissions and faster transfer of funds to your account

eMoney, as a substitute for cash, allows end users multiple uses and benefits. Merchants can accept eMoney, and users can pay with it without bank mediation.


Acceptance of eMoney at merchants


In addition to accepting payment cards and instant payments, merchants also have the option of accepting eMoney.

All merchants, potential acceptors of electronic money, sign the agreement with Chip Card – Electronic Money Institution, on the acceptance of electronic money.

Merchants that accept electronic money are automatically visible to users of Chip Card’s E BLINK application.

What are the advantages of using eMoney?

Lower commissions for merchants

One of the main advantages of using eMoney for merchants are much lower commissions compared to payment card acceptance.

Faster disposal of funds

Acceptance of payment with payment cards needs certain time for processing and includes waiting for transfer of funds to merchant’s account.


E BLINK application enables users to use electronic money.

You can pay with electronic money on physical POS terminals and E-commerce points of sale via E BLINK wallet application


E BLINK application enables:

debit card

Payment at points of sale with the acceptance of eMoney.

electronic money

Simple transfer of funds from wallet to wallet.

e banking

Insight into a list of merchants where electronic money can be used.

e wallet

Insight into electronic wallet balance, with the option to top up and view the transactions.

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