What If You Can Sell Online
Without a Web Shop?

What If You Can Sell Online
Without a Web Shop?

Create a link. And sell online now!

Fast PayByLink payments to your account!

Create a link. And sell online now!

Fast PayByLink payments to your account!

How does PayByLink Work ?

Our innovative PayByLink solution allows you to sell goods/services to clients via the Internet, without spending money and time on complex integrations and websites!



Step 1

You negotiate the price and conditions with the client via social media, phone, in person or in a way that suits your business!



Step 2

You log into your PayByLink profile!

You send a pre-agreed offer through our PayByLink solution!



Step 3

Your client clicks on the link and pays for the previously agreed goods/services through our secure page!



Step 4

The money is transferred to your account via our payment gateway, via secure channels, within 2 working days!



Benefits of PayByLink

  • Readily available – no integration

  • Easy to use

  • No web shop development costs

  • Secure payment for your customers

Are PayByLink payments safe for users?

Are PayByLink payments safe for users?

Pay By Link (PBL) payment is a process in which the merchant sends the user/customer a link to the email, through which they can make the payment. When clicking/opening the link, the user/customer is taken to the secure Chip Card payment page, where they enter their payment card details and confirm the payment.

We list some of the elements used by the Chip Card, Pay By Link solution that ensure the security of this type of payment:

SSL encryption

The payment page is secured with an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate
that protects the data entered by the user.

PCI DSS standards

Chip Card complies with the highest data protection standards, such as PCI
DSS standards, which relate to the processing of payment card data.

3D Secure authentication

3D Secure authentication additionally protects Pay By Link payments. When paying on the secure page of Chip Card, the user/customer must verify the transaction with a one-time password (OTP) sent by their issuing bank viaSMS.

Transaction monitoring

Chip Card, as well as merchants, can monitor transactions in real time and
identify any “suspicious” transactions that will be further analyzed.

As with all other online transactions, it is important to exercise caution and
use secure communication channels and reliable service providers to reduce
the risk of fraud and unauthorized access to payment information. By
following the above guidelines, PBL payments are secure for both
customers and merchants.

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