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payment by link
payment by link

Payment by Card in the Web Store


For anyone growing their business online, we offer simple solutions for online payments via payment cards.

payment by link

Payment by Link


The PayByLink service provides the ability to generate a payment link which is then sent to the customer’s e-mail. By using this technology, the seller has a secure method of online payment at their disposal, without additional investments in their IT infrastructure.

Automatic Subscription Renewal


The recurring payment service allows the user to enter their login data once and for each future payment to be automatically renewed.

Best examples of this practice are: subscription to your favorite magazine, language classes, gym membership, etc…

recurring payment
storing card details

Storing Card Details for Each Future Purchase


Securely storing user’s card information on the application of the service which makes future payments easier.  The user can save their card details on the web shop, mobile app, or some other application.

The system allows for storing data from multiple different cards, while the user chooses one as their main card.

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