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payment by link
payment by link

Payment by Card in the Web Shop


For anyone developing online sales, we offer simple solutions for online card payments.
payment by link

Payment via Link


The PayByLink service offers the possibility of generating a payment link, which is then sent to the buyer’s e-mail. By using this technology, the seller has at their disposal a safe online payment method, without further investments into their IT infrastructure.

Automatic Subscription


The service of automatically repeated payments (recurring payment) enables the user to enter the login and data only once, and each following payment will be automatic. The most common examples of this practice are: subscription to a favorite magazine, language classes, gym membership fee…

recurring payment
storing card details

Saving the Card Data for Every Next Purchase


Secure saving of the user’s card data in the application services and its easier use in future payments. The user may save the card data in the web shop, in a mobile or other application.

The system enables the saving of data from several different cards, while the user may choose one of them as the first choice.

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