The World of Electronic  Money


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eMoney as replacement for ready money provides the end users with multiple uses and benefits. Sellers may accept eMoney, and users may pay with it without the bank as intermediary. Please open your eMoney account through your mobile Wallet application and you will be able to make payments easily and simply at different points of sale. The users of the mobile Wallet application may transfer eMoney to one another and perform eMoney exchanges for cash.
Electronic wallet



EMoney may only be held by users with a registered eWallet who have signed a contract with Chip Card.

A user may obtain eMoney by simple transfer of funds from their own current account to the account of the eMoney institution with reference to number in the form of code of a registered eWallet, by direct payment or by payment card.


Acceptance of eMoney by Sellers


Besides the acceptance of payment cards and instant payments, sellers also have the option to accept eMoney.

All sellers, potential eMoney acceptors, sign a contract with Chip Card – eMoney Institution on eMoney acceptance.

The sellers who accept eMoney automatically become visible to eWallet application users.

Acceptance of e-Money

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