The World of Electronic  Money


Discover the possibilities of e-Money



e-Money, as a substitute for cash, provides end-users with multiple uses and benefits. Merchants can accept e-Money, and customers can use it to pay without the mediation of the bank. Open your e-Money account via Wallet mobile application and you will be able to make easy and simple payments at various points of sale. Users of the Wallet application can transfer e-Money to each other and exchange e-Money for cash.

Electronic wallet

Electronic wallet (e-Wallet)


Electronic money can only be owned by users with a registered electronic wallet who signed a contract with Chip Card.

The user obtains electronic money by simply transferring funds from their own current account to the account of the Electronic Money Institution with a reference number in the form of a registered electronic wallet code, by direct payment or by card payment.


Acceptance of e-Money with merchants


In addition to accepting payment cards and instant payments, merchants have the opportunity to accept e-Money.

All merchants, potential recipients of electronic money, have to sign a contract with Chip Card – Electronic Money Institution for electronic money acceptance.

Merchants who accept electronic money automatically become visible to users of the e-Wallet application.

Acceptance of e-Money

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